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Nestled in recently completely remodelled landscaped terraced gardens, Delamere Court occupies a stretch of land between St Marks Road & Meadfoot Sea Road, overlooking some of the most spectacular and stunning aspects that nature provides within the area of Meadfoot Bay, in Torquay, on the English Riviera. The views speak for themselves, (even though we could also use multitude of superlatives used by prior guests), and the microclimate of the English Riviera ensures that you enjoy palm trees and other benefits normally associated with the Med. It is a ten minute walk to Torquay centre and the harbour or a five minute walk to the beach, both down hill.

Here you will find self contained holiday accommodation in a Victorian Villa that is also, (in part), our home.

Why Choose Delamere Court for your holiday?

The first reason would have to be that you would like a break beside the sea, you want good facilities, want to be totally independent, but have advice on hand should you choose. You want self-catering so that you do not have to be at meals at certain times, (to someone else’s set schedule), but you would like the option of meeting other like-minded people in the conservatory, or by the pool, when you feel like it. You don’t want to waste half your luggage on sheets, pillowcases, towels, and bathrobes. You want to know how much your stay will cost, with no hidden extras, but would like a list of extras that you can order if you so wish. Perhaps you have dietary requirements that limit your choices in hotels, but still want luxury for your holiday. Or, you simply want the assurance that our cooking utensils will not carry undesired residues, (as those made of wood), that may offend you just like us. Perhaps you simply want the choice of sea and pool close at hand, or you wish to bring your dog. Maybe you are a just group of friends who wish to take a holiday together without losing out on personal space.