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1888 – 7th May on land purchased from Lord Hesketh, a Mr Edgar Walter Garland of Michaelstowe Hall in Essex decided to build his dream seaside home, an Italianate villa, which was a style made popular by Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, with Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight. While Delamere Court is a much more modest establishment it benefits from a spacious layout, wonderful views and original architecture. Situated on sloping ground it follows the terraces that were felt necessary to set off this style of building.

1903 – After Mr Garland’s death, the house subsequently passed, by deed of sale, to Alexander Macomb Chance, (a noted Chemist), who, (with his family), contributed much to English industry. His mother was an American “Macomb” – the very same family who had rented a house in New York to George Washington, which was then used as the US presidential mansion. The Chance family continued to live at Delamere Court after Mr Chance passed away and the property was then sold after 1936.

1937 – The property had been advertised for the princely sum of 4,000 Pounds Sterling to include all fixtures, fittings & furnishings.

1937 - The house became Hotel Walcot, catering for a vast array of visitors to the Meadfoot area of Torquay, subsequently becoming well noted for its high standard of catering.

1945 – A week’s stay in the hotel would have cost you five Guineas. Naturally there were special prices available for service men and women.

1975 – The house ceased trading as hotel Walcot.

1976 – And since, in more recent history, Delamere Court repeatedly exchanged hands and carried on under several owners in varied forms of holiday apartments.

1998 – Partial renovation of several kitchens, and some work to the garden, was undertaken by former owners Mr & Mrs Slater.

2012 – 22nd March, it finally became our family home, which now, after the first stages of current reconstruction, contains self-contained holiday apartments, a super luxury studio and an extremely spacious suite apartment, all of which can be booked by you to share our home with us, and experience for yourself why our guests wish to come back to stay with us so often.